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Active Fusion Control Technology
Active Fusion control by cleave conditionOne of main causes of high splice loss is bad cleave end face. The 90S+ fusion splicer analyzes the condition of both L and R cleave end faces and performs optimal fusion control. This new technology improves splice loss significantly and reduces the risk of re-installation.
Active Fusion control by fiber brightnessFusion is easily affected by changes in the environment.
The 90S+ fusion splicer uses real-time fusion parameter control by analyzing the fiber’s brightness intensity during fusion. It contributes to stable, reduced splice loss.
Active Fusion control by fiber discriminationAdequate splice parameters may differ depending on fiber type. The 90S+ fusion splicer automatically applies the optimum splice parameters depending on the fiber type.

Splice loss with large cleave angle : 3 <θ< 5 degree

*G.652 splicing result measured with a cut-back method. The splicing result changes depending on the fiber type and fiber characteristics.

Active Blade Management Technology
Active Blade rotation by motorThe 90S+ fusion splicer and CT50 fiber cleaver are enabled with wireless data connectivity. This capability allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the 90S+ fusion splicer judges the blade is worn. The 90S+ fusion splicer can connect to two CT50s simultaneously.
Active Blade life managementThe 90S+ fusion splicer displays the remaining blade life and informs the user when a blade height change, position change, or new blade is required.